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Intelligent & always connected for beginners to ambitious kiters

we develop pidrop for you! In the future, your board will be smart. Record every session on the water. Locate your board & find it anywhere. Share your riding position & ride with more confidence. Analyze your progress & improve yourself. Pidrop will be:

smart. connected. lightweight. long-running.

pidrop will integrate sensors that enable comprehensive tracking functionality. pidrop will be attached to the board with a waterproof housing. In real time, pidrop will transmit the data to our backend. With the smartphone app & webapp you will be able to access your data conveniently and at any time.

Did you know?


85% of all loss reports are kiteboards

+ 10% since 2019

Source of the statistic is:

Designed for kitesurfers and for kite schools

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for whom sustainability, locatability and tracking of their activities are important


kite schools

for whom sustainability and locatability of kite students are important

pidrop will offer you the following features


Our goal is to share your position including ride data in real time with your friends or other kiters on the beach. Lost your board? pidrop makes your board smart, so you can track its position in real time and find it again.


pidrop has the goal that you can kite more confidently in the future. Your friends or family should be able to check if you are riding or floating in the water. They should also be able to be notified when you go out of a predefined area.

Ride Analytics

Perfect for days when you just want to cruise on the water. With pidrop you will be able to record every ride on the water. You want to evaluate your exact cruising distance or know your maximum speed, pidrop will record this and other relevant data related to cruising on the water.

Real time positioning of the board

pidrop is intended for individual kiters and also for use in kite schools. When practicing, it is easy to lose a board, which can be located in the future and is therefore easier to find. Neither individual kiters nor kite schools should lose more boards in the future. With pidrop we want to make kiting more sustainable and minimize the financial risk of losing a board.

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Evaluation of the current speed

With pidrop, we want to be able to automatically detect when your board is floating in the water. If the relative speed changes over a longer period of time compared to the average speed, then we want to notify your friends or family and show them on the map where your board is and the radius in which you are potentially located.

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Position notification based on geofences

You like to ride a downwinder, cover long distances and your friends or family can’t see you anymore and wonder where you are? No problem, with the help of pidrop we would like to inform about your current position. And even better, if you are kiting alone, set a virtual boundary and pidrop will notify your friends or family when you go outside of it.

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Ride Analytics

Besides kiting safer, you also want to make every session a competition? No problem with pidrop, you will get a detailed analysis per session. Your covered distance will be mapped and comparison parameters from each session will be calculated. This includes the duration of the kite session, distance covered and maximum speed.

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GPS Tracking
Displays your session on the map.

Maximum speed in this session

Current speed in this session

Average speed
in this session

Total time
in this session

Total distance
in this session