Kite smart with pidrop!

We develop a solution for you to minimize board losses, to kit more confidently and to evaluate your sessions.

What drives us?

Quite simply, our experiences while kiting! We experienced situations while kiting ourselves, where we would have wished for pidrop. At the first own riding attempts without accompaniment the focus was on the kite control and quickly the board drifted and was difficult or impossible to find again. Even today it still happens that we crash after jumps and the board gets out of sight in waves. Despite body tracking it is then difficult to find the board again. This is where pidrop comes in!

What makes pidrop special?

Our focus is on tracking your board with dedicated, intelligent hardware and long battery life! Our goal is to find lost boards through the connection to the backend and intelligent evaluation of built-in sensors. Additionally your friends or family should be able to recognize if you are riding on the water or if your board is floating in the water. Every kiter should be able to benefit from pidrop and this should also be reflected in our pricing.

And what’s next?

Your joy and safety while kiting is close to our heart! Do you know this state of complete freedom when you are on the water? You are absorbed for hours and you are completely in the flow. You are practicing new tricks: higher, further, more rotations and suddenly you crash into the water. Maybe your kite has turned in and due to the swell your board gets out of sight. Your session is over and you can only find your board again with a lot of luck. Our main goal is to minimize such problems while kiting!

With pidrop, kiting becomes more sustainable and carefree. In our vision, a pidrop is installed on every board and every kiter uses it. All lost boards can be found again. Friends and family can track where the kite end is from the beach. You also continuously improve your own performance by evaluating the sessions we provide.the sessions.

We have big plans and many features in our backlog, e.g. for the 2024 Olympics, but we don’t want to keep you waiting long and quickly penetrate the market with a first version of pidrop. We will continuously work on improving pidrop and adding new features. Your opinion is important to us: Tell us what you miss in kiting and we will put it into features, or even better get personally involved in the development and implementation!

Who are we ?


I live in Stuttgart and am an electrical engineer. My focus at pidrop is the development of the smart device and housing, in addition to function definition. In 2007 I learned to kite in Workum at the Eisselmeer. Since then I have been kiting at different kite spots in Egypt, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Greece and Austria. What I love about kiting is jumping and learning new tricks. In 2021 I lost my board while practicing new jumps. This key situation has strengthened us in the idea, board losses must be prevented!


I live in Stuttgart and am a business information scientist. For pidrop I have my focus on web & app development. In 2017 I took my first kite course in Egypt. Since then I’ve been kiting in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Denmark and Italy in different conditions. Thereby the cruising on the water is exactly my thing. In 2020 in Denmark I rushed to the aid of a boy and got into the situation of losing my board. The board was gone and the idea was born.

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